Weather Forecast Videos


Capture your audience's attention with video weather forecasts delivered by a meteorologist speaking directly to your audience. Each video is 2 minutes. Offer sponsorship through a sidebar or overlays to make this a revenue generator.

  • More Details

    This feed includes graphics for Current Conditions, Hourly Forecast, 36-Hour Outlook, & Extended 5-day Forecast. When weather advisories are issued the graphics change to communicate the advisory message (US only). Weather info is updated every 15 minutes and available in 10 languages.

  • Location Based

    National forecast as well as 6 forecasts localized by region including North East, South East, North Central, South Central, North West, and South West.

  • Audio Required

    Audio is required to make this content effective.

  • Size Formats

    Available in 16:9 at 1280x720 in MP4 format

  • Refresh Frequency

    Regional weather forecasts updated overnight for the next day. National updated 4 times daily.

  • Recommended Loop Fill

    This feed will fill 2:00 of your playlist. Up to 4:00 if you display the national and regional forecast.

  • Playback Methods

    Delivery options include Media RSS, FTP, or our Delivery Boy app. Additional automated option for Broadsign (MonitorSync) users.

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