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Score the attention of your audience with beautifully hand-crafted local sports infographics powered by FanLogic Technology.

Limited Time

March College Basketball Tournament Brackets

In celebration of the nation's most exciting men's college basketball tournament, Screenfeed has put together special bracket graphics to engage your audience. These graphics are available to Sports Central subscribers as no additional cost.

Plug-n-play your feeds in minutes using HTML, Media RSS or Direct URL delivery methods. Feeds are immediately available for integration and set to update with seeding announcements on March 11th through the championship game on April 2nd.

Free 15-day trials will be disabled for Sports Central on March 1st until the end of the event.

Pre-event Teaser
Early Round Chaos
Sweet 16

The Right Info, the Right Time, the Right Place

FanLogic Technology

FanLogic Technology intelligently delivers the right infographics at the right time, to the right audience, automatically - regardless of the day or week of the year. With FanLogic Technology you can display graphics by selected language, league, teams, or location.Based on your location FanLogic will highlight the players, teams, divisions / conferences, and leagues your audience cares about most.

Connect your Audience's Passion to your Brand

No question about it, people are passionate about their favorite players and teams: as 3 out of 4 men and 1 in 2 women consider themselves sports fans. It's no wonder brands spend millions of dollars sponsoring sports stadiums or partnering with athletes to promote their products. Sports Central provides a way to leverage the passion your audience possesses toward athletes, teams and leagues to increase their attention to your screens and messages. Now that's powerful.

Passion to your Brand
Location Aware

Location Aware

With Sports Central you can choose to filter sports information by location, allowing you to deliver only the local team and player information that your audience cares most about, without irrelevant scores or stats. This makes your screens more relevant and does a better job of connecting your brand with the local community. Info can be localized by postal code, city/state/country, or lat/long.

Always Something to Show

Sports Central includes a wealth of infographics that will keep your screens fresh even when it's not game-day. Most sports scores and schedule feeds fall short of this goal. To resolve this problem, Sports Central offers multiple sports which overlap seasons all year round and we offer views such as Stats Leaders, Local Sports Calendar, Standings, and Team Profiles to provide engaging info at all times.

Always Something
Content Examples

Designed for Digital Signage

Like all of our content, Sports Central has been 'hand crafted' to be optimized for the medium of digital signage. We've designed every pixel of our ready-made graphics to deliver the best experience from a variety of distances - featuring large font sizes and bold colors. You can work with our existing 16x9, 9x16 or footer sizes, have us build a custom design that matches your brand, or design your own presentation leveraging our data.

What's Included?

Current Supported Leagues

  1. NFL
  2. NBA
  3. Premier League
  4. MLB
  1. NHL
  2. NCAA D1 Basketball
  3. NCAA D1 Football

More leagues and sports will be added based upon demand. If you would like to make another league available to your audience, please inform your sales representative..


Scoreboard Zoom


Local - Multi-sports or league conference/division scoreboard that highlights your local teams' throughout the week.

League - Coverage by league will give you single sport snapshots of Scoreboards around your selected leagues throughout the week.

Leaders Zoom


Local - Top 5 performers of league specific stats covering your division/conference and highlighting at least one local player regardless of where they fall in the standings.

League - Top 5 performers from an entire league ranked by specific stats like Touchdowns, RBI's, Saves and Shots.

Calendar Zoom


Local - Multi-sport 7-Day calendar of your local teams upcoming competition and game times.

League - Multi-sport 7-Day calendar of top performing teams within the league and their competition, and game times.

*not available as a footer

Standings Zoom


Local - Identifying local teams with red arrows, this graphic will display where the team ranks within its respective conference/division

League - A randomly selected conference/division from your league will display team standings, record, and win/loss streaks.

Team Profile Zoom

Team Profile

Local - The present condition of the local team is displayed through a fan morale meter, conference/division record sheet, and schedule.

League - The present condition of the league's top performing teams are displayed through a fan morale meter, conference/division, record sheet, and schedule.

*not available as a footer

Pre-Game Zoom


Local - Matchup preview of the local team and competition covering team season records, favorite/underdog values, game time/location and key player season stats.

League - Matchup preview of the league's top performing teams and their competition will be displayed at random.

In-Game Zoom


Local - Up to the minute match updates of the local team and competition including present score, game time, as well as key players' photos.

League - Up to the minute match updates of the league's top performing teams and their competition are displayed at random.

Post-game Zoom


Local - Final match results of the local team and competition including final score, yards/possession/shots, key players and their present game stats.

League - Final match results of the league's top performing teams and their competition are displayed at random.


  • 16x9, 9x16 or 16x2 dimensions
  • Localization optional
  • Audio Is Not Required
  • Media RSS, Flash, HTML, Direct URL
  • 0:10-2:00 minutes loop fill-time
  • 10-15 seconds per graphic

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