Odd RSS News

Offbeat, funny and simply interesting news with coverage for several regions and in many languages.

  • Multiple Regions and Languages Supported

    You select the feed from these options: English, French, Japanese, Chinese and Russian

  • Online Moderation & Keyword Filtering Available

    Our RSS News feeds are provided by world-renowned news agency Reuters. Yet you may decide the type of stories you'd like to display to your audience. We offer an online tool to allow you to approve every story before it is sent to your feed, or instantly remove any story from your automated feed. You are now in control! Looking for an automated moderation solution? Keyword filtering can be setup in any language and on a per customer basis to ensure you're receiving the news you want. Note: Both tools available for customers licensing 10 players or more for a simple 10% upcharge on the feed license price.

  • Size Formats

    Graphic sizes available over Media RSS include 1920x1080 (16:9), 1366x768 (16x9), 1080x1920 (9:16), and 1024x768 (4:3). Animated Flash Playback files available in 16:9 format, but can be customized to fit any zone for sidebars or footers. You can also receive this feed in HTML, raw XML, RSS, or Media RSS with headline and summary separate from the image. So lots of options!

  • Audio Is Not Required

    No audio in this feed. Optional music underbed available with the Flash playback method.

  • Length Per Clip

    We recommend displaying each story for 15-30 seconds, but you may choose any duration for playback. Duration identified within the Media RSS XML feed can be customized.

  • Refresh Frequency

    News is continuously refreshed throughout the day. Feeds always include 10 recent news stories.

  • Recommended Loop Fill

    This feed can fill between 0:10 - 5:00 of total time in your loop. You can insert this feed at several separate spots in your playlist and play different stories in each slot.

  • Playback Methods

    Playback methods include Media RSS, Flash SWF, HTML, Direct URL, XML, RSS, or our Delivery Boy Windows app.

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