Local Health Conditions

Capture the attention of your audience and advertisers alike with these plug-and-play, clean-and-simple, localized health graphics.

  • More Details

    Each health index category includes both a Current and Forecast view. You can buy a single category à la carte or purchase them in a package.

    1. Singles: Just need one? No problem–choose any one category from the Health Graphics line-up: Pollen, UV, Air Quality, Arthritis, Cold/Flu, Migraine or Sinus Conditions.
    2. Local Allergy & Air Package: A bundle of indexes focusing on environmental influences: Pollen, UV and Air Quality.
    3. Local Aches & Pains Package: A nice assortment of health indexes focusing on bodily ailments: Arthritis, Cold/Flu, Migraine and Sinus.
    4. Health Conditions Complete Set: Can’t choose? Get ‘em all with this all-you-can eat buffet: Pollen, UV, Air Quality, Arthritis, Cold/Flu, Migraine and Sinus.
  • Location Based

    This content is location based and requires identification of a location by postal code, city or lat/long. Pollen, UV and Cold & Flu are only available in the United States. Arthritis, Migraine, Sinus and Air Quality are available for any city on the globe.

  • Audio Not Required

    No audio included.

  • Choose your color

    Pick between Blue Hue or Clean and Clear themed graphics to best match your advertiser's brand or networks's look and feel.

  • Size Formats

    Available in 16:9 (up to 1920x1080), 9:16, and 4:3 aspect ratios as JPEG images.

  • Length Per Clip

    We recommend displaying each graphic for 10-15 seconds, but you may choose any duration.

  • Refresh Frequency

    Graphics are updated every day, every other hour.

  • Recommended Loop Fill

    Depending on the package you choose, this feed can fill between 0:10 - 5:00 of total time in your loop. You can insert this feed at several separate spots in your playlist and play different graphics in each slot.

  • Playback Methods

    Delivery options include Media RSS, Direct URL, Flash SWF, HTML or our Delivery Boy Windows app. Additional automated option for Broadsign (MonitorSync) users.

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