Customer Service Tips

These tips offer a quick reminder to the fundamentals of great customer service in eye-catching graphics. Available in 4K resolution.

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    These days, all the easy problems are solved automatically by computer systems or product upgrades. By the time your customers reach your support team, the problems are serious and emotions can be running high. Customer Service Tips are yet another way to equip your team to think on the fly and create a great experience for your customers. Tips are inspired by books like “How to Win Friends and Influence People” as well as customer service industry experts from leading brands around the world.

  • Size Formats

    Available in 16:9 (up to 4K 3840x2160), 9:16 (up to 4K 2160x3840)

  • Audio Is Not Required

    No audio included.

  • Length Per Clip

    We recommend displaying each graphic for 10-15 seconds, but you may choose any duration.

  • Refresh Frequency

    Every time the feed is requested, a random set of Safety Tips are updated from an existing library. The library pool is updated on a continual basis.

  • Recommended Loop Fill

    This feed can fill between 0:10 - 2:00 of total time in your loop. You can insert this feed at several separate spots in your playlist and play different graphics in each slot.

  • Playback Methods

    Delivery options include Media RSS, Direct URL, Flash SWF, HTML or our Delivery Boy Windows app.

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